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"Living diversely - because life offers it, 
and I never know when it will be over!"

Eléonore Enyota (=Atoyne/Atoine)

born in Togo in 1988 and resident in Germany since 1997.

Art career 2000 - today:

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- 2000-2006 Pupil of a profile high school, main focus: art.
- 1997-2008 Private painting, drawings, changing interior design of her own children's room:
playing with shapes and colors in time and space.

- 2010 Invitation to "Gifted-Days" at the HS-RM (Communication Design) 
- 2010-2012 Private interior designer for fellow students
- 2016 Space-Design at exhibition "Orbits" (Jaime Ramirez, Matthis Bacht)
- 2016 Garden redesign Haus am Wehrsteg, together with Matthis Bacht
- 2020/10 Public appearance as an artist via Instagram.

Learned and practiced music 1997-2009:

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- Soprano, alto, tenor and bass flute
- French horn
- piano
- Singing lessons (teacher: Hans-Hermann Jansen)
- Multiple participation as (solo-) singer: Jugend Musiziert
- Musician duo "Duo Passione", flute and guitar (together with Timo Schlegel)
- Conducting (teacher: Rainer Johannes Homburg)

Poetry/Photography 2000 - today:

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- First poems and lyric poetry since the age of 11.
- Thoughts on life and the meaning of it all


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2012-2014 Media businesswoman in print/digital media (Springer Nature/Spr. Science + Business Media)

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